Party FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Birthday Parties

  1. Do I need a reservation to bring in a group? No, but you get a discount if you bring a group of 10 or more.
  2. Do I need a reservation to bring in a cake? Yes. You must make a reservation if you want to bring in a cake, cupcakes, or cookie cake. We will cover and reserve your tables, and also put a balloon with your name on it.
  3. Do I need to pay in advance? Yes, a deposit of $50 is required to confirm and book your party. You may pay the balance with cash or credit card at the end of the party.
  4. May I decorate with more balloons and my own tablecloth? Yes. Bring all the balloons you would like. We don’t have helium, so you will need to blow your own. We cover a double table that seats 12. You will have another pair of tables that seats 12 as well. You may cover it if you wish, or just set your presents on it.
  5. Do you allow confetti, Silly string, glitter, etc? NO, NO, NO! It makes a big mess and goes everywhere! You will incur an additional cleanup fee if you bring in Confetti, etc.
  6. What do I need to bring for the party? You should bring your cake and the supplies to serve it. Forks, plates, candles, and napkins. We will supply the rest. You may also bring your own cups, napkins, etc, if you have a theme party.
  7. Can I get more food than what’s included? Yes. You may add anything we serve. Hamburgers, nachos, hot dogs, additional pitchers of soda, pizza, ice cream, etc.
  8. Can I bring in outside food and drinks? NO. That’s only allowed at private parties, not public sessions.
  9. Do you charge for the birthday child? Yes, they are counted as one of your guests. At the end of the party, your child will receive a free skate pass for a return visit.
  10. Do you charge for adults that are attending the party? No, only if they skate. You may let them purchase their own ticket, or you can pay for them.
  11. I have my own skates, do I need a ticket? Yes. Anyone that skates must purchase a ticket.
  12. Do I need to bring a list of the guests we invited? No, not necessarily. If you fear that uninvited siblings or others will sign in for your party, then you should bring a list.
  13. Are skates included? Yes, regular skates are included. Inline skates are an additional $2. You may pay for inlines or let your guests pay their own.
  14. What about the skate mate trainers? Two are included with your party. Additional ones may be rented by you or your guests.
  15. I don’t know how many guests will show up. Is that OK? Sure. Nowadays, a lot of people don’t RSVP.
  16. Will my child get to ride in the famous SILVER WINGS Skate Car? Yes! If your child thinks they are “too old” to ride in it, suggest that they form a train behind the skate car with their guests following behind them.
  17. Can we make song requests? Yes. We’ll dedicate a song to your child and also take additional requests. No songs with bad lyrics!
  18. May I bring in party bags? Yes. Most anything is fine if they are taking it to go.

Private Party FAQ’s

  1. May I bring in my own food? Yes, but we recommend that you do not bring in popcorn, goldfish, or anything messy. Remember, you have to clean up at the end of the party; that means everything goes into the trashcans. You don’t want to spend an hour sweeping up popcorn, confetti, etc. If brought in, you may have an additional cleanup fee.
  2. How many guests are included? 50 skaters are included. Don’t count parents that are attending, but not skating. If you have over 50 skaters, it is an additional $5 for each one.
  3. May we bring in alcohol? No. We have a beer and wine license. You may request that we open a cash bar and serve beer, wine, coolers, or keg beer.
  4. How long does the party last? 3 hours of private time in the building are included. Additional time is $50 per half hour. Generally, kids skate a couple of hours before getting tired. So, you can figure on skating around 5:30-8, with about 20-30 minutes at the end to pack up.
  5. What about Skate Mates? Six are included with Private parties. You or your guests may rent additional ones if needed.
  6. Can we bring in warmers or roasters? Yes. We don’t have a kitchen, but there is an available counter top with plugs where you may keep things warm.